Wood County Commissioners Visit Washington, DC

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence


Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue


On August 29 2017, Wood County Commissioners Dr. Ted Bowlus, Doris Herringshaw, and Craig LaHote gathered in Washington D.C., along with 77 other Ohio County Commissioners. This is the first time in the history of the United States that County Commissioners were invited to Washington DC to meet with federal government officials. The purpose of this gathering at the nation’s capital was for Ohio’s County Commissioners to open up the lines of communication between local and federal governments, and also for the Commissioners to learn more about how the federal government operates. Individual invitations eventually will be issued to each of the fifty states’ County Commissioners. Ohio is the fourth state to receive such an invitation. read more…


Thank you for visiting my website.  It contains information about my qualifications and leadership experience, as well as a gallery of images that will help you learn a little more about me.  Also, I invite you to visit my Facebook Page, where you can follow my campaign and provide feedback for the issues that matter most to you.

These are exciting times, and Wood County has the potential to lead Northwest Ohio into the future.  Please join me and support my campaign to be your next Wood County Commissioner.  And don’t forget to VOTE on November 8th!

Open Letter to Wood County

Dear Voters,

This election is not just about who can show up and be a Wood County Commissioner. It is about electing someone who has a vision for the future of Wood County and its people. I have personally worked with Wood County citizens in many capacities throughout my career – as a doctor, a board member of two mental health agencies, a member and past-president of the Wood County Board of Health, and a two-term elected member of the Eastwood Board of Education.

I am very dedicated to Wood County as I have deep roots here. My great grandfather, grandfather, and father were department store owners in Pemberville for almost 100 years. I am a graduate of Eastwood High School, and have been a medical business owner in Perrysburg for nearly 30 years. I have treated thousands of Wood County residents through my medical practice.  We have two children that have attended Bowling Green State University, and our youngest son Jonathan, will be entering BGSU as a freshman this fall.  My family resides in rural Wood County, and we are members of First United Methodist Church in Bowling Green where we have attended for over 18 years.

My life experience has afforded me the knowledge and vision to determine what is needed to help Wood County be a better place for all of its citizens. I will accomplish this through working to improve our economic outlook, advocating for and implementing policies that create more jobs, keeping taxes as low as possible for all of Wood County’s citizens, and not wasting the tax dollars that are collected. I will work with local and state health officials to both improve access to health care and to combat drug abuse.

I have a lifetime record of service to the people of Wood County. I am asking for your vote on November 8th, so I can continue to serve you as your Wood County Commissioner.

Sincerely, Dr. Ted Bowlus